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September 1, 2014 Eurocreme

Dean is a young lad from Wales who comes across as slightly abrasive at the start, as you get to know him a little and as some clothes come off he relaxes a lot and as more clothes come off you can enjoy his toned body and sprinkling of hair and as he pulls those boxers down you can enjoy a large bush. As his bush fluffs out his cock flops out and it’s just a few seconds til his uncut meat rises up and stands proud. Dean is one of these models who doesn’t just get erect, his uncut cock throbs and stands real proud right up against his abs! He is nicely hairy, his body just a sprinkling and his legs real hairy, his hole surrounded by curly locks! After lots of wanking and showing off his hole, Dean is real tense, his legs taught and then he explodes, his cum covering his abs, chest and all over the bed. Don’t you love a straight lad explosion! Click here to see the shoot

August 31, 2014 English Lads, Uncut Cock

August 29, 2014 Next Door World

August 29, 2014

There’s no backstory here. Before they arrived for the shooting, Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone were complete strangers. They’d never met each other, never talked on Facebook, never even seen pictures of each other. So when they arrived, there was no small talk, we started right in taking pictures. Throughout the entire procedure they remained quiet and aloof like two strangers might standing in an elevator. Frankly, we were a bit worried that there might be no chemistry between these two.

Liam and Samuel - Perfect Strangers

But then, when we directed them to start the action there was such an explosion of hormones, grunting and sweating we didn’t know what had come over them. Without a word of encouragement or even a wink or a nod to each other, they each rushed in, locked lips and started feeling each other all over. They started pulling off each others clothes like it was an emergency and then sucking each other’s cocks with surprising intensity. Samuel quickly moved down to Liam’s ass and started eating him like a piggy at the trough. Liam was ready to be fucked.
Liam was ready to give as good as he got and Samuel couldn’t have been happier. When Liam flipped him onto his back and fucked away until he hit just the right spot, Samuel blasted a huge load of cum onto his abs and Liam’s followed right after him with a fountain of cum that soaked Samuel from crotch to throat.
What started as a subdued moment between two complete strangers ended in one of the most animalistic fucking scenes we’ve witnessed in a long time. It just goes to show you, you can never tell what kind of passions lurk below even the coolest exterior.

August 29, 2014

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