Zach has discovered a new friend from a foreign land. He’s excited to get to hear the stories Antonio has from being in the British Army. He’s also excited to share some of his own stories. Tall, dark, and handsome Antonio is wearing his unit t-shirt and camo pants while Zach is sporting his full blue Air Force daily uniform. After telling about a couple of “bromance” stories, the guys settle in for a little circle jerk action. When Zach pulls out his stiffy, Antonio can’t resist staring at the pink hard-on. The guys get to comparing visually, to see whose is more stiff, bigger, etc. They reach over and jerk each other off in a brothers in arms sort of way. Zach sees an opportunity and offers to blow his buddy.


Placing his pink lips to the uncut, hairy thickness, he savors the tip before swallowing the entire shaft. Working it with his hand, he strokes the meat while slobbering all over it. Antonio wants a taste and leans over to return the favor. Stripping down completely, both guys are ready for some fucking. Antonio lays on his back and Zach gently guides his cock into the fur lined velvet hallway. As Antonio bends over the couch, Zach takes him from behind and begins pounding at his ass. Within a few moments Antonio is moaning that he’s about to cum. His uncut monster begins spraying man-juice across the sofa, coating it white, like misplaced school glue. As Zach begins to blow, Antonio gets in position to catch the white paint as it shoots from Zach pink mushroom head, coating his friend’s beard and lips.

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August 22, 2013 All-AmericanHeroes

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