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The plan was for him to bring Robbie to the studio to do a porn video under the guise of tag teaming a girl – but what he really wanted to do was suck his buddy’s cock and get fucked by him. Once you set your eyes on Robbie there won’t be any question as to why his buddy is so hot for him. Well, we’ll skip the ”formalities” as it would take way to long to describe all the back and forth banter that went on once they found out the girl didn’t show. Let’s just say their main concern, at least Robbie’s is – who would see them having gay sex. So, here we go… and Caruso has them start stroking each others cock. They’re real nervous, so they start joking back and forth. They both come up with names for a new band, Robbie says they’d have to be called ”The Butthole Surfers” while Playboyee looks down at what they’re doing and says no we’d be the ”The Strokenoffs” – pretty funny. Well, ”The Strokenoffs” have a super hot first performance. There are mutual blow jobs, some hot kissing – Playboyee even said ”you kissed me like you like me”. The scene ends with Robbie pounding the cum out of his, hot thug wannabee buddy and then shooting his own load all over him. In the end, Playboyee gets just what he wanted and more, hot sex with his good buddy while Robbie is just happy it’s over and he’s getting paid. Caruso has a private conversation on camera with Playboyee and asks him if he’s going to tell Robbie that it was all a set up, but he had not intention of doing that as he thought his friend would be really pissed. It turns out that when Caruso asks Robbie in ”After the Shoot” if he’d do it again, he says yes, but on the sly…check out Playboyee’s reaction when he hears that answer. Caruso tried to get them to come back and do one more scene before they left town – they said maybe – but all of a sudden became unreachable. Who knows, maybe they’ll return for Ultra 2015 or maybe when they’re out of cash. Whatever happens, don’t miss this video!

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