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Ruslanchik is a sexy little fucker. The twink is smooth and well built with dark hair, a tight butt and washboard abs. With Maxim and Nikita's help, Ruslanchik is naked, sucking on Maxim's huge, curved, and uncut cock while Nikita spits, fingers, then eats out his hole. Ruslanchik soon finds himself on his back, legs spread while Maxim fingers his hole and Nikita sits on his face and sucks his cock in a 69 position. Then, as Ruslanchik rims Nikita, Maxim spreads the horny twink's sweet raw hole and pumps him full of young meat. The twinks switch it up repeatedly, with Ruslanchik and Nikita taking turns in a spit-roast before Maxim can't take it anymore and lets go with a load that both, Nikita and Ruslanchik, take on the face, then share in a kiss.

March 2, 2015 Bareback, rimming, Sweet and Raw

March 1, 2015 DylanLucas.com

March 1, 2015 HardKinks.com

March 1, 2015 Club Inferno Dungeon, Fisting

March 1, 2015 Hot House

1 2 3 4 5 6 4,848
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